The site lies within the attractive Brede Valley and can be reached from the A28 Hastings to Ashford road. Approaching from the south i.e. from Hastings, take the A28 from Hastings and pass through Westfield. Continue for a further two miles and cross the Brede Valley at the River Brede Bridge before climbing the hill into the 40mph zone. At the top of the hill, as you pass into the 30mph area, look for a narrow left turning that leads you past St. Georges Parish Church. Continue down the narrow lane where you will see the engine houses in the foot of the Valley. Road-signs should also be on display to assist you.

Approaching from the North, drive on the A28 through the villages of Broad Oak and Brede until you reach the Red Lion pub (which is on the left) and less that 50 metres beyond the pub is the narrow turning on the right leading past St Georges Church and the Heritage site in the valley beyond.